Many organisations struggle to shift from being linear to developing scalable ecosystems that help them build long-term, sustained innovation, powered by curiosity and the grit of their existing intrapreneurs. So, how do you find them?

Rising Tribe unites individuals and organisations who see the relevance and importance of impact-driven intrapreneurship. While actively working with partners to create better open-source intrapreneurial ecosystems.

Organisational Initiatives

How do we enable intrapreneurship across our organisations? How can we develop and support an intrapreneurial mindset and the required skills? How can we identify and support our intrapreneurs?

We developed the Rising Tribe programmes to answer these questions. We leverage real insights, experience and wisdom from open innovation communities like OpenExo. It’s a community of over 3,500 innovation consultants and agents of change. Focused on one of the world’s largest global research projects on what makes Exponential Organisations so successful – and other innovative business models.
At our core, it’s about how we connect the right resources at the right time.


Our Awake and Inspire sessions reflect on the importance of intrapreneurship, scalability and the personal potential of leaders and employees to influence the system.


Three 1-day workshops develop:
1. Intrapreneur Context: diagnosis, reflection and intervention.
2. Intrapreneurship Leadership: diagnosis and application of Intrapreneur skills & tools.
3. Exponential Awake Sessions: investigating/exploring/contextualising the 11 Attributes of an ExO organisation.


We establish relevant in-house, customised ecosystems that run autonomously to provide training and coaching that supports impact-driven innovation projects.

Ecosystem Initiatives

How can we enable and leverage intrapreneurship through existing processes and structures without tripping the corporate immune system? How can we overcome systemic internal barriers to collaborative entrepreneurship ecosystems?

We focus on 3 programmes to explore the opportunities that resonate with your organisation

Inspire Sessions & Initiatives

We publish and promote intrapreneurship stories and research across various channels to inspire others.

Knowledge den for Rising Tirbe
Knowledge Generation

We simplify and create actionable steps from our community’s learnings, in ways that can be open-sourced and shared, to expand the field intrapreneurship.

Rising Tribe intrapreneural ecosystem
Systems Movements

We collaborate with existing initiatives and organisations that can benefit from our insights and methodologies.

We work with…


Organisations that want to invest – or are already investing – in creating an in-house intrapreneurial ecosystem and who would like to accelerate their innovation process by learning with others who are on the same journey.


Foundations, governments or private organisations that understand the importance of intrapreneurship to advance economic growth.


Exponential Organisations that have dedicated time to research the field of intrapreneurship and would like to partner Rising Tribe to publish reports, case studies and keynotes.


Organisations that are actively promoting intrapreneurship by offering workshops, programmes, courses, in-house accelerators/incubators and can benefit from the Tribe’s brand, content and community to strengthen their offering.


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